Aug 7, 2016

Mt. Fuji from other mountain.

Mt. Fuji is very huge and high mountain.
You can see Fuji from many place.
Actually, When I went a mountain near Mt. Fuji, I could see the large Mt. Fuji from the summit of the mountain.

I went to the mountain at early summer.
Almost of snow on the Mt. Fuji has melted at the time.
Mt. Fuji is big black mountain while summer season.

Black Mt. Fuji  take from Mt. Minobu

A name of the mountain is Mt. Minobu.
Distance of Mt. Minobu and Mt. Fuji is about 30km.
It is very near, so I could take large Mt. Fuji from Mt. Minobu.

There is a famous Buddhism temple at the summit of Mt. Minobu.
The name of temple is Kuonji.

Kuonji has some colorful Buddhism buildings.
Especially, Goju no tou is very colorful building.

Kuonji Goju no tou

The tower consists of five layer.
Meaning of Go is five.
Meaning of jyu is layer.
Meaning of tou is tower.
Meaning of no is "of".

So, It called Goju no tou.

I stayed Funayama Onsen when I went to Mt. Minobu.

The Onsen has good and open hot spa and good Japanese garden around the building.
There is a diner of the Onsen around the Japanese garden, therefor the guest can enjoy good dinner and good garden at same time.

And around the Onsen has many a nature.

Especially, you may see a lightning bug in early summer.
Fortunately, I could see many lighting bugs at my stay.

Jun 26, 2016

Yumenoshima Tropical Plant Dome

This facility is a large sun room for tropical plant.

There is the dome at Yumenoshima area of Tokyo.
At first, this area was sea.

Government made a final landfill site at here in 1950's.
At that time this area called Yumenoshima.

This area was reclaimed as a final landfill site until later 1960's.
During landfilling period, this area had much rubbish heap, so, sometimes the area generated many flies. This many flies made a trouble at adjacent residential area.

After finishing this landfill, Tokyo government made a park at this area.
The park was completed in 1978. Government took eleven years to make this park.
This tropical plant dome is also in this park.

This dome grows mainly tropical plant. So, inside of this dome is very warm and humid.

This dome has many Ogasawara plants.
When I went to see the Ogasawara plants to Koishikawa Botanical Garden, unfortunately, I can't see the plants by under reconstruction of the sun room.
Tokyo probably brought the plants from Koishikawa to here before reconstruction period.

Therefore, I can see many Ogasawara plants at this dome.
The plant reminded me of the Ogasawara days of me.


This is a kind of tree fern.
This fern  looks like tree. They grew so big for bright sunshine.
I could see many Maruhachi at Ogasawara islands.

This picture magnified of the above picture.
This circle pattern is  a mark of come off a leaf.
A pattern of inside of a circle looks like eight of Kanji character.
Kanji character eight is 八.

Maru means a circle. Hachi means eight.
So, Japanese name is MaruHachi.

air roots

Many kind of tropical plant has this air root.
They extend their roots to the air.
The roots extend so long , it looks branch.
They believe the roots can reach soil in the future, so they extend their roots to soil-less place.


Takonoki is Japanese name. Takonoki means a tree of octopus.
This shape looks like octopus's legs, so Japanese call it an octopus tree.

A kind of carnivorous plant

This dome has many kind of carnivorous plant also.
This carnivorous plant invites an insect to the their pipe form leaf.
Once the insect goes in the pipe, he can't go out the leaf.
Inside of leaf has many fluff. all of the fluff faces bottom of the pipe.
So, insect can't go out of a pipe against the fluff.

May 28, 2016

Junidanya a famous Shabushabu Retaurant in Gion Kyoto

Junidanya is a famous ShabuShabu restaurant.

There is the restaurant in Gion area of Kyoto.
Junidanya is a Japan traditional style restaurant. Origin of Junidanya started in Taisho era as Japanese cake shop. And current style of the restaurant started at postwar period.

Jyunidanya Gion Kyoto

At that time, a master of the restaurant has created a current style of ShabuShabu. In fact, some people say this restaurant is one of the origin of ShabuShabu. And unique but typical style ShabuShabu pot was invented by Junidanya.

When you go to Junidanya, you can see many kind of traditional works in there.
The works include drawings, furniture, dish, pots and vases. These works is made by famous Japanese artists.

Some works are decorated to a proper place in a guest room.
However, most of the works are put in various places, just like ordinary tableware and furniture.

When I asked origin of a kettle for pouring water, an waitress asked it to supervisor and said to us, ”this kettle was made at Korea before about two hundred years”.
Actually the waitress had not known this fact until that time. And she said that when she would use this kettle henceforth, she use it with care.

Needless to say, I ate ShabuShabu at there.

ShabuShabu is included in a typical dinner course.

The dish is an appetizers. It was Kyoto traditional food.

Main dish ShabuShabu
An unique style pot was invented at this restaurant. 

Some traditional works decorated at a guest room

You can see a guide of this restaurant at d design travel Kyoto, a travel guide book. 

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May 25, 2016

German Zen priest Nölke Muhou

He is a trueborn German person.
He is a chief priest of Antai temple in Hyogo prefecture.
Antai temple doesn't have any supporter of a temple such as other Buddhist temple. This temple is a pure training temple for Zen priest.

I have read a his book at several weeks ago.
I have not known him before reading this book.

I am going to Zazen meeting every Sunday, because I am interested in Zen. I read the book by same reason.

He was born in German, he first time came to Japan after graduation of a high school. He stayed about three months at the first coming.

He had been interested in Zen before coming to Japan.
He had looked forward to a true Zen world at Japan before coming to Japan.

However, his first coming made his confusion. Because almost Japan people is not interested in Zen.

He studied Japan culture at a German university after first coming to Japan. He wanted to come to Japan again. The studying of Japan culture in German university was preparation of next staying at Japan.

After that he re-came to Japan. At that time, he spent much time at several temple for training of Zen and he entered the Buddhist priesthood.

He continued training of Zen even after became priest.
This is an ordinary training way of Zen. If someone would like to do quest of truth of Zen, he should continue training of Zen for the rest of his life.

He tried many kind of training for many years, and he became a chief priest of Antai temple.

He understood situation of a current Japan Buddhist environment through the many kind of training.
And he is making a style of his ideal at Antai temple now probably.

I have only a little understood his ideals through reading this book.

However, I think I have understood his ideals with only head. I don't have enough time for training of Zen, however, I am going to get down to training of Zen by my way. And sometimes I would like to study his ideals, I think.

I read this book sorry this is written by Japanese.

His Antai temple provides a homepage.
This homepage is written by Japanese, English and German.
The homepage includes many contents writing, picture and movie.
Especially, movie is provided through Youtube channel. A name of the channel is "Antaiji Antaiji".

Please access the contents through proper language.

Wikipedia English

May 19, 2016

iKnow! #2.

iKnow is a SaaS type tool for language studying.

I wrote that iKnow provides tool and database at a previous article.
iKnow provides over two hundred English courses and forty Chinese courses.
Of course you can try these courses.
However, you can make your original course by iKnow also.

I almost use this original courses of making by myself.
I am making new courses even now. I have already installed over five hundred idioms for original courses.

I was studying idioms by DUO 3.0. At that time I used DUO card and used a made spreadsheet by myself.

However, that way was not good, I have stopped the study at one point.

When I noticed that iKnow was an intellectual computer assisted flashcard, I restarted to study DUO 3.0 on the iKnow.

And I have started to make a database for ESL podcast also.

 These two database are very comfortable and powerful.

This function of creating original database for iKnow has one more fascinating function.

It is an automatic sound generator.
When I input the idiom and sample sentence, iKnow generates sound source by this function.

So, I can do listening exercise by this source.

The following is a part of installed database, This was made for ESL Podcast.

My original database for ESL podcast

When I click the speaker mark, I can hear a speaking of the idiom.

Anyway, it is very powerful function, I think.

May 18, 2016

iKnow! #1

iKnow! is a SaaS type English study tool.

This tool provides many questions from database.
Feature of this tool is based on a forgetting curve theory.

If you input a correct answer of one idiom, the tool doesn't provide a question of the idiom for a long time.
Otherwise, if you input wrong answer of one idiom, the tool provides a question of the idiom for a short while.

Even if you provided correct answer to the tool, the tool re-provide the question after long time, for example one month later.

Progress display ( based on the forgetting curve theory )
Upper circles of idiom are so memorized, lower circles are provided often.

I can increase vocabulary just to answer the provided question from the tool effectively.

The format of questions are the following.

Fill in the blank. of the whole idiom.
Fill in the blank. of a part of sentence.
Quiz with five multiple choices of the whole idiom.
Quiz with five multiple choices of a part of sentence.

Fill in the blank. of the whole idiom.

Fill in the blank. of a part of sentence.

Quiz with five multiple choices of the whole idiom.

Quiz with five multiple choices of a part of sentence.

If I entered correct answer, the tool indicates all the sentence and speaks the sentence. I am always following the speaking sentence for practice of dictation.

Confirmation window with computer speaking

The tools provide these formatted question randomly.
However, the occurrence probability is based on the forgetting theory such I wrote.

I can also use this tool on a smartphone. So, I can do this quiz even on a train by smartphone application. This tool on a smartphone is a computer assisted intelligent flashcard, I think.

If I use this tool, I can always increase my vocabulary anywhere by this tool.

iKnow! #2

May 16, 2016

The Kegon waterfalls

Eighty percent of national land in Japan is mountain area.
Almost river of Japan is short and rapid stream.
Therefore there are many falls at mountain area of Japan.

The Kegon waterfalls is very famous.
The Kegon Falls begins to flow from Lake Chuzenji.

Lake Chuzenji is in the Nikko national park.
Nikko Toushougu shrine is also in the Nikko national park.
If you go to Nikko Toushougu shrine from Kegon waterfalls, you can go there by bus for about thirty minutes, very near.
Nikkou Toushougu shrine enshrines Ieyasu Tokugawa who is the first shogun of Edo era.

Let's get back to the point.
Height of the Kegon waterfalls is ninety seven meters. Tourists can see the waterfalls from near place. 
There is a viewing platform at bottom of the waterfalls, so tourists can look up the waterfalls from the viewing platform.

The Kegon waterfalls from a viewing platfom

Mountain view from the waterfalls parking
There was snow in mountaintop.

A bird near the waterfalls instead Japanese serow.

Tourist goes to the platform by a toll elevator and a long stairs, because tourist should go down ninety seven meters.

When you approach to the platform, you can hear loudly water sound.
And you may get wet a little by the waterfalls's water at the platform.
Anyway, if you go the platform, you can see and hear and feel the real the Kegon waterfalls.

Additionally, if you are lucky, you can see Japanese serow.
Unfortunately, I can not see serow. I saw only a picture of the serow at a coffee shop near the elevator entrance.

There is another good viewpoint of the Kegon water falls.
It is a viewing platform of Akechidaira.

A foreign tourist told me that spot in bus, unfortunately I didn't have enough time to go there.

If you go Akechidaira, you should ride Akechidaira ropeway.
When you go Akechidaira viewing platform, you can see the panoramic view from the high place.
Akechidaira is very high place, so you can look down the Kegon waterfalls.